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The messages you send to potential customers either intrigues them—or turns them off.  Do you know how to best talk to your target audience? What type of voice they relate to? What they really want to hear about? How to reach them on an emotional level that urges them to stop what they’re doing and purchase your product or service immediately?

If you want to quickly convert readers into customers, your copy need to strategically answer objections, lower skepticism, educate, boost credibility, and make people feel good about buying from you.  Our expert copywriting services, based on decades of experience, proven testing, modern research, best practices, intricate customization, and psychological tactics, does all of this—so you don’t have to.

·      Websites:  Landing Pages, Long scrolls, Add-To-Carts, Email Collectors

·      Email Campaigns:  Early Engagement Series, Retention, Come back, Lead Generation, Cart abandon, Webinar Funnel

·      Social Media:  Paid Ads for Facebook & Instagram, Contests

·      Ads: Magazines, Banner Ads

·      Content: Articles, Blog Posts with or without soft sell

·      Scripts: Educational Videos, Sizzle Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters

·      Print Brochures: Postcards, Flyers, posters, Direct mail

·      Copy Critique: Review of existing copy



Are you creating the right materials to sell your product or service? Have you been reaching out to potential customers in the same ways time after time? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy, find new ways to reach customers, and breathe new life into your materials. We don’t just write your materials. We take a look at what you are already doing, analyze the competition, bring a fresh strategic perspective, and advise you on what you could be doing to better connect with your customers. We’ll help you plan a strategy to get more leads, generate more sales, and improve your conversion rates

·      Review and improve messaging on current materials

·      Identify new ways to reach your ideal new customer.

·      Stay ahead of the trends

·      Get your customers to send you referrals

·      Maximize customer lifetime value

·      Find out why your customers wont re-purchase

·      Analyze your website – do you have the right Call to action, clear message, organization of site?

·      Collect more email addresses with bait and autoresponders

·      Suggest new offers to test



Have you been using the same voice and message for years, not sure if it’s resonating with your ideal customer? Do you know who your ideal customer is? Are you struggling to figure out what really differentiates you from your competitors and what will bring in more customers? Let’s work together to take a deep dive into who you are as a brand, who you want to be, and how to get you there. We’ll do an in-depth interview, followed by behind-the-scenes research and development, then present to you a comprehensive and practical report that defines each of the below key branding tasks plus so much more.

Brand Story. We will define how your product or service stands out from the competition.

Unique Selling Proposition. What is it that your product or service offers that is different from anything else available.

Value Positioning. What are the benefits a customer can expect from your product or service. What claims can you make? What problems do you solve?

Ideal Customer. Have you taken the time to truly find and define your ideal customer that best benefits from your product and brings in the most business? Has this changed over the years? Would you like to test your message to other audiences you might resonate with? Once we know who we’re talking to and what he/she truly desires, we better meet his/her needs with your product.

Voice. You could have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t know how to talk to your ideal customer, you lose them fast. Let’s define who you are, how you sound, and what you say to really connect with customers.

Taglines. Does your tagline let people know right away what you do, who you are, and what they can count on you for? Let’s make sure you have one that does!

Headlines. Unlike your tagline, you will have many headlines. You want headlines that get your customers wanting to read what else you have to tell them. They are the most important piece of copy you will need and lead the direction of your written conversation. Let’s create some headlines that get you noticed!

Benefits. Have you identified your most important benefits. Not why you are so great, but what makes you so crucial to your customers. And do you talk about them in a way that’s believable, clear, and valuable?

Competitive Research. Are you learning from what others in the marketplace are succeeding and failing with? Let us help you learn from and get ahead of the competition.

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